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I’m Innocent. Just Check My Status on Facebook.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, published 11 November, 2009


The message on Rodney Bradford’s Facebook page, posted at 11:49 a.m. on Oct. 17, asked where his pancakes were. The words were typed from a computer in his father’s apartment in Harlem. (more…)

Man Is Acquitted in Fake Dynamite Case

THE NEW YORK TIMES – City Room, published 21 October, 2009

A judge on Wednesday acquitted a Brooklyn maintenance worker who was arrested in 2007 for carrying a bundle of fake dynamite he found in the trash.

Ending a bench trial, the judge, Acting Justice Vincent M. Del Giudice of State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, scoffed at prosecutors’ argument that the worker, Robert Lopez, intentionally caused a scare when he sat on his stoop with the theatrical prop.


Trashy Treasure Leads to Felony False-Bomb Charge

THE NEW YORK TIMES, published 20 May, 2009

Robert’s Version from Damiano Beltrami on Vimeo.

As Robert Lopez tells it, his trouble began nearly two years ago when he plucked a bundle of fake dynamite from the trash in Brooklyn and took it home with plans to turn it into a piggy bank.

Now Mr. Lopez, 38, a career maintenance man with no criminal record beyond a 10-year-old marijuana possession violation, is set to appear in court on Thursday on false-bomb charges that could put him in prison for up to four years.


A Church Finds Its Radio Voice Again

THE LOCAL (NYT blog), published 9 April, 2009